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Thank you again for a piece that leaves me thinking! I have always tended to bottle up my emotions and move on, which works for a time. Lately, I've been paying more attention to my feelings, which have been telling me that I'm not living my life in a way that fosters joy and growth (mainly due to work-related issues like working too much/exhaustion). Of course, this is something I CAN change, so it's a bit off-topic here, but it's sometimes difficult to identify situations that you can change versus those that you can't or shouldn't. Anyway, I'm at a point where I'm accepting my feelings as valid and meaningful and as a call from my soul to make a change. Life is too short!

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I owe you many long thoughtful comments. As to how I'm feeling, it's as scattered as my thoughts.

Hooray for just feeling the feelings! It's a scary thing at first. Something Mick and I have been helping each other with is the moral judgements about the feelings. Feelings just 'are' and you shouldn't grieve yourself over whether what you're feeling is good or bad. Sounds like you are being a good friend to yourself. Proud of you. Talk soon? ~LA

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