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Yes! Objective reality is a theory which cannot be proven.

Fear is just trying to keep me safe. Anxiety is fear that has been taken out of context. It is empowering when I feel my emotions and sensations directly. Resistance only makes it worse. Fortunately, I can stop making it worse.

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Trying to be a Creator in a sea of influencers and attention gimmicks also takes courage. How do we separate being ourselves from the online game? I wrote recently about that, in this theory of "Influencer Creep", I found it somewhat amusing.

There's Free will but sometimes we're just stubborn. You have a lot of subjective looking within type of content, as a Psych major, I always like this kind of reading.

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Oh, how interesting: you’ve put your finger on something I’ve been playing with my whole life, making friends with fear. As a kid, I used to go walk past this graveyard at night just to get used to the feeling of being scared. Later, as an adult, I remember the first time I really felt fear in mountaineering, when I realized I would die if I fell, but I got used to it and came to realize that you need that fear there to keep you on your toes. Are there other emotions we do that with? I wonder. (And hey, Amy, thanks for the plug!)

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